Type of Biking

Azores Mountain Bike Holidays offers its clients the best of Enduro / Downhill / All Mountain that Azores has to offer.
Our holiday packages are perfect for mountain bike lovers, challenging them in spectacular descents and ascents in the magnificent scenery of vulcanoes of the Azores.
Quick zones, singletracks, rock areas, craters of volcanoes, bike rides around stunning lagoons and much more. This is what you will find in the trails of Azores.
The difficulty of the rides will vary according to the experience of the groups. Contact us and we will find a solution to your tastes and needs.
With almost 10 years experience in the tracks of Azores, our guide knows all kind of terrain on the island of São Miguel.
We provide a shuttle service to bring our customers back to the top of the mountain. Enthusiastics climbers have the option of pedaling uphill too.
The rides last from 09:00am to 5:00pm, with lunch and technical support to the bikes included.
We only change our defined program by serious reasons, like severe weather conditions or if the track is in very poor conditions.
In our van we provide water, fruit, tools and technical support at any time of the day.

Bringing Your Bike

If you decide to bring your bike, you will need a bike with good maintenance and full suspension.

If you want to make more accessible rides, a bike with only front suspension is enough.
We recommend that bicycles have disc brakes.
If you have doubts about the ability of your bike, please contact us…

We have a fully equipped workshop and a specialized technician to give assistance to your bike while here.

Before coming on holiday with your bike, it is advisable to make a full bicycle maintenance. Confirm that the brakes, tires, and the rest are fully operational and in good conditions.

We recommend you to pack your bike well in a bike bag or with cardboard.

Do not forget to confirm the conditions of the airlines companies. They vary in terms of reserves, cost and packaging requirements.